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The Hiding Place

I enjoyed reading this book to the boys. We also listened to the radio drama from Focus on the Family. Many parts of the book made me cry. The unwavering faith the Ten Boom family had. I wonder how many of us would have done what this family did for the Jews. They lost so much, but never lost hope. So many people died, just because of Hitler's racist/ethnic views. 96,000 women who were not Jewish died in Corrie Ten Boom's concentration camp. This travesty could happen to anyone of us. In this book you will read both the love and lack of love for humanity. Love covers a multitude of SIN.

Decorating for Christmas

The boys decorated the Christmas tree this year. I came downstairs and they surprised me with the tree skirt and all.  I think they did a pretty good job.

 Elfie has been apart of the Christmas decorations for the past 20 years. He is looking good for an old guy. (hee hee)

 I only put out a quarter of my decorations this year. Here is some of my snowman collection.

This reminded me of my daughter when I saw it because I have actually told her this. Carissa, love is more than just words.

A Recital for Shane

Shane was a little nervous but he did just fine. He enjoys playing the piano. I think playing comes natural to him. He has been playing for about 2 1/2 years now and is progressing in his skills. He is practicing for the up coming Federation Festival, where he will go in front of a judge.

Jarrett shot a couple of videos of him playing. I have to warn you that you can hear Jarrett making noise. Go here and or follow the link here and here too