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Jarrett made the cranberry sauce and it was yummy. Cranberry sauce is Jarrett's favorite Thanksgiving dish.

 Here are the all the games the boys wanted to play. We were not able to play all of them.

 Payday is a family favorite.
Shane and I played Phase 10 for two hours. This is an excellent card game.


I know that this is not the best picture. Jarrett is the 2nd child in the front row from the right. He has his hands in his pockets. He was one of six children in the choir that sang a duet for Veterans Day. He did a good job. He is sure having a great experience with his first year in public school. His teacher has been rather amazed how well he has transitioned.  He rides his bike pretty much every day to school. He seems to fit right in with the rest of the class. 
Jarrett is also a little handyman. He went to go start the zero turn lawn mower and it would not start. He charged the battery and it still would not start, so he checked the spark plug and noticed it was black. He wrote down the part # and called his dad. His dad said he needed to buy a new spark plug. I drove him to O' Reilly's and ordered the spark plug. The new spark plug is in the lawn mower and it is working. So now we can use the lawn mower to chop up the fallen leaves.