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My Journey of Health

I woke up this morning from a dream quoting this: No sickness or disease shall overcome me because of Christ who strengthens me. Wow, talk about power and revelation in these words. God is above all sickness and disease.

My journey started in August of 2015. I went to the ER because of electric impulses in my brain. They did not find anything. I went to a chiropractor the same day and found some relief. I saw this chiropractor through December 2015. During this time I started having other issues. I experienced night sweats, electric impulses throughout my body, bladder spasms, ovarian pain, and a racing heart. I did not know what was happening to me. I have never been sick, except for an occasional cold or flu. I went to so many doctors trying to find out what was wrong. They gave me medication and electric therapy, but nothing helped. I asked my primary doctor and two gynecologist to see if my hormones were out of balance. They would not do a test because of expense and my age. They …