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Important Records

Talk about stress, it has taken me over two months to finish this 47 page document. I had to dig through paperwork of past grades. Here all along I thought I was keeping good records. Boy was I wrong. It is extremely important to update your high school transcript yearly. I had help from The Home scholar website. 
Brian thinks this is a waste of time, but I hope not. I want her to be recognized for her hard work and the classes she has taken. 
Perhaps, I should be recognized for my hard work. I hope the colleges like it.

First Day of 4th Grade

Jarrett started 4th grade on August 29th. He also gets up at 5am on Mondays to get to class by 8:45. It is amazing that he never complains about getting up so early. I know he is very excited to be in the Essentials class for the first time.

Jarrett is in his 5th year of Classical Conversations. He has Foundations class from 9am-noon. During these hours he goes over memory work for history, timeline, science, math, Latin, geography, English, do a science experiment, fine arts, and hopefully play some review games. There is an emphasizes on memorization of facts to train the brain to retain information. I will give you an example of this weeks memorization.

Timeline:Age Ancient Empires, Creation and the Fall, The Flood and the Tower of Babel, Mesopotamia and Sumer, Egyptians, Indus River Valley Civilization, Minoans and Mycenaeans

History Sentence: Tell me about Charlemagne. In 800 AD, during the medieval period, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor of Europe.

Geography: C…

The Nina & Pinta

We went on a field trip to the Mississippi River, where the Nina and Pinta were docked. These are replicas of 2 of the 3 ships that sailed in Columbus's 1492 first exploration voyage. 

 Two thousand tons of these stones were put in the bottom of the Nina & Pinta. This is want helps keeps them afloat. 

This is were the crew members slept. The Nina had 24 crew members and 26 on the Pinta. The livestock was kept down below.