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Summer Fun

Here is Jarrett enjoying one of our local pools. We need to go back. We paid $3 a person to swim from 5-8pm. We went on a Saturday and there was not a crowd of people.

We have been busy this summer. We have been doing extra things, since we had an exchange student staying with us. 
 We just had to have some shaved ice this summer. Maria really liked the lemon lime flavor. I had the watermelon. Everyone else had the tiger blood.  This was Maria's first time having shaved ice. 

 Bowling is great way to have fun and get out of the heat. 

 Time to hit the pizza buffet. This is a family favorite.

Of course, you just gotta make your own homemade pizza. Carissa made the dough and it tasted so good. 
 Jarrett got a two pair of new glasses. So he is on is 4th and 5th pair within the past 9 months. His prescription changed, so he could not use his 1st and 2nd pair anymore. His 3rd pair was destroyed by a 5 year old boy. Insurance paid for most of the 3rd pair. 

Slumber parties, playing g…


Carissa asked to start archery lessons, so I signed her up in June. I actually signed up the three boys too. They all enjoy it. Nathan and Carissa are doing well with it that the instructor mentioned they should be in the tournament this winter.

Shane and Jarrett have asked to buy their own arrows and bows to shoot at home.

Our exchange student even got a chance to shoot. Yes, we are hosting an exchange student from Spain for a month. Teenagers are basically the same in the U.S. and Spain, except for a few things. In Spain it is legal to drink alcohol at 18. Teenagers have way more freedom there. They go to disco's and stay out all hours of the night and this is normal and accepted. Teenagers take public transportation everywhere. There is a small amount of parent supervision. They eat dinner at around 8 or 9pm. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and it is eaten around 2pm. Most families have only 1 child because of the cost of living there. 

Maria (exchange student) said only…

Night Pictures

Brian took these awesome pictures from our backyard. They are beautiful.

Congratulations Carissa

We are very proud of Carissa's achievements this year.  At her closing ceremony, she was given the The President's Award for Educational Achievement. Her tutor/teacher applied for this award. She had to give a recommendation in order to receive it. 
Anyway, we are preparing her high school transcripts and course descriptions. I thought I was keeping good records of everything but I was wrong. I am using the Total Transcript Solution from The  She will start applying to colleges in September. This is hard to fathom. Where has the time gone. She was just born yesterday.

 Here is the letter she received.
Here is the pin she received.