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Half Way Through the School Year

Carissa has received outstanding marks on her progress report from her tutor. She continues to impress her tutor by being prepared and doing all her work. Carissa works hard and her father helps her to stay on task. Her father can be a task master, but I can see how this has helped Carissa grow as a student. This year's school work has been monstrous in some subjects.  The work load is extremely heavy. On December 7th, Carissa had her Lincoln Douglas Debate. There was an outside judge on hand. The judge was really impressed with Carissa's speech. He gave great marks and said she had the strongest case. The resolution was, the economic health of a nation is more important than the social programs for its citizens. The tutors came to me and gave Carissa many complements. I told her she should think about joining a speech and debate club.
Carissa came to us a few months ago and wants to do something different her senior year. She has worked so hard these last four years and is …