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Shane Playing the Piano

He enjoys playing the piano and he practices everyday.

Our First Snow of the Season

On Saturday we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground. It was so lovely to see the tree branches dusted with snow. It was beautiful!
I went to town later in the day and saw a dead mountain lion on the shoulder. I was not able to take a picture of it because I did not feel comfortable stopping on a busy highway. I did pass by it twice and got a good look of it. Its paws seemed enormous. Jarrett was amazed by its large tail. It is unusual to see a mountain lion around where we live. We have heard of hunters seeing them in the dense woods.

Another Bike Ride

We went on another bike ride last Saturday. I wanted to get another bike ride in before December. We rode bikes on another part of the same bike trail we visited in October.

Jarrett's Favorite Cat

This cat is a perfect pet for Jarrett. He first met him last October, while he was picking walnuts at a house on the other side of town. The owner of the house did not know who the cat belonged to, but it had been roaming around. Jarrett wanted to take him home, because they formed a bond right away. This cat loved Jarrett the first time he saw him. It was cute to watch him snuggle up to Jarrett. Well, dad would not approve of another cat. Jarrett tried to have me persuade dad to change his mind. I told Jarrett to pray for dad to change his mind.

About a month later, on the day after Thanksgiving. Jarrett found the exact cat in our barn. He ran into the house, out of breath, to share the news. I called Brian right away. I said this cat was given to Jarrett by God, because this little boy prayed for this cat, and he was granted the desire of his heart.

Jarrett's older brother Shane, said to his brother "the cat has been looking all over town for you, since he met you; It to…

Wild Turkeys

Yesterday while I was waiting for Shane and Carissa to finish piano lessons, four wild turkeys crossed the road in front of my car. It was amazing to see them so close.

Heading back into the woods.