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A Bike Ride

An old utility pole

This past Saturday, we went on the 8 1/2 mile bike ride. We rode our bikes on a trail that once was a railroad. It was a nice 60 degree cloudy day. I was surprised that I was not really sore from peddling 8 1/2 miles. Afterwards, the boys and their father had to stop at Dairy Queen. I did good and did not order anything. I did not want to ruin the amount of calories I just burned off. We plan to do more biking along different parts of the trail.

Bobbing for Apples

The boys went to a birthday party this past weekend and played this game. They sure got wet and had fun doing so.

Dinner and Green Beans

Here is a meal that my family enjoys eating. It is a recipe that Brian started making years ago. He passed it down to myself and Carissa.

Our neighbor gave us some tomatoes from her garden, so I did not want them to spoil. I chopped up 8 tomatoes and one onion. I put everything in a glass bowl. I added some salt, pepper, basil, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. I like to put this mixture overnight in the refrigerator. I think letting it sit overnight causes the mixture to get juicy.

I cut two medium french bread loaves in half and then in half again (four quarters). Spread the mixture on the pieces of bread.Top them with mozzarella cheese.

I bake them in the oven at 425 degrees for 15- 20 minutes.  

The homegrown tomatoes really make this a fantastic tasting meal. It is a winner every time.

Brian likes to top some pieces with paprika and orgeano.  

Hot out of the oven. It smells delicious. 

We received some green beans from a friend's garden. You got to love fresh green …

One Fall Day

I love this spot in the front yard area. There is a swing hanging from this 100 year old oak tree.

 The colors of fall. 

Here is a picture of our extended front yard. It is probably a good acre from our front door to the beginning of our front property line. 
 Brian and the boys cleaned the siding on the north side of the house today. There was a good amount of mold.

Jarrett and Shane cleaned algae from the back deck.

 The soy bean field ready for harvest.

Something New for Jarrett

Jarrett has to wear glasses now. He got his eyes checked on Saturday and they had his glasses ready yesterday. Poor guy, last Monday, he told me he could not see the white board in class. His left eye is 20/70, his right is 20/50, and has a significant astigmatism. His prescription is 20/50 because the doctor does not want to shock his eyes. We have to take him back in 4-6 months to have another eye exam and to receive a new prescription.

He is so happy to be able to see things better. 

Doesn't he look smart!