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California Science Center

We went to the the California Science Center on May 21st. There was so much to see and not enough time to see it all. We actually went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, which was interesting. There was actually  a 3 ton piece of the Western Wall on exhibit, which I thought was amazing. I don't have any pictures of the exhibit because no photography was permitted. At the end of our day, we watched an IMAX movie about Jerusalem in 3D, which was awesome.
The space shuttle Endeavour is there. I felt like an ant next to the space shuttle.
All in all, I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Congratulations Carissa & Nathan

Carissa and Nathan's closing ceremony from school was this past Tuesday evening. It was an evening full of recognition and fellowship.

Carissa received her Blue Book Assessment, which she had to write some essays on different topics. These were timed essays. Her tutor's remarks to her were, "Good use of essay structure and interesting points ." This assessment reminds me show they assessed children in school a century ago. What did they do before the scan tron test?

She was given a Certificate for Academic and Character Excellence. She received academic excellence in Latin, Biology, and British Literature. Her character excellence was for responsibility. Her tutor recognized how every Monday morning she woke up at 4:30am to get to class by 8:20. Her tutor said, here is a student who not only woke up early every Monday, but always managed to have all of her homework done every week (which is a whole lot of work, think of a college workload, and I am not exaggerating). …

A Day at the Beach

We went to the beach last Thursday. We were there from 11am to about 4:30pm. We had the whole area to ourselves. The temperature was in the 70's. I am not a beach person, so I had layers on, and I stayed in the shade.

The boys had a blast. Jarrett said, "this is the best place on earth." He rolled around in the sand, dug in the sand, and went in the water. They found a tide pool and collected a lot of sea shells.

A dead seal washed up on the beach. Its face was all eaten away. The kids found another dead seal that looked like something attacked it.

Another End of a School Year

Both Nathan and Carissa's last day was this past Monday. It is always amazing how this time of the year is bittersweet. It is the escalation of academic achievements and the realization the time is going by fast. It is knowing that Carissa's junior year is that much closer. Her junior year will probably be the busiest. She wants to go to a Christian college in her birth state, so we will be visiting some colleges this summer. She has really achieved some things academically this past year. She was one of the top three students in her class in all six subjects. There were ten children in her class this year. This year she had another honors literature course. She completed her 3rd year of Latin. She completed and turned in an outstanding lab journal with all her dissections. Nathan really enjoyed his logic class and science class. Brian said he did a great job with his mock trial case too. Nathan will enter high school in the Fall.

Many people question or ask me about how we hom…