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Something New for Jarrett

Jarrett loves stuff animals. He begged me to buy this stuff animal when we were out shopping on Saturday. He even said that he would pay me back when we got home. He did pay me back when we got home. He took the money from his piggy bank.

He named him Snuffels.

Jarrett is an animal lover.

Jarrett made a bed for him.

Snuffels has magnets sew in the bottom of his paws.

A Fashion Show and Tea

Dress from the 1500's. The Elizabethan era, named after queen Elizabeth.

A few weeks ago I ventured to a part of L.A. called Arroyo Seco for a fashion show and tea. I went with my mother in law, G Ma T, and aunt Jo Jo. The theme of the fashion show was " women's sport attire through the centuries."

They talked about women gambling. You can see the cards the woman is holding in the first picture.

All the outfits are made with just buttons and snaps. There are no zippers. They are true to the era. I did not post the pictures of the Civil War period dresses with hoop slips and yards of fabric. These women are wearing corsets too.

Here is a French lady with a card stuffed in her dress.This dress is from the French Revolution period, which is the late 1700's. The French Revolution started about 6 years after the American Revolution ended.

 Here is a lady dressed in the early 1900's. Think 1900-1910 time period.

Bathing suits in the early 1900's. The first …

Shane's Birthday

We celebrated Shane turning 11 at the park.

Here is a picture of Jarrett playing Chubby Bunny. It was hilarious watching the children stuff their mouths with marshmallows. 

Here is Shane's uncle and cousin playing Suck it Up. Uncle won the game. The children did an egg relay race too. I think all the children enjoyed themselves.

Parties seem to be stressful for the parent hosting it, but it is nice to see people enjoy themselves.