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Writing a History Paper

The rough draft 
                                                                         The notes

 Here is a picture of Shane's Essentials class. There were sixteen children that took part in the Faces of History reports. These children spoke about Pocahontas, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Dolley Madison, Merriweather Lewis, Davy Crockett, Sacagawea, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn. Some of these children even did their reports from memory. It was amazing!

 Here is Shane, doesn't he look good in his costume? Can you guess who he is? He is siting next to Jackie Kennedy and Thomas Edison. This costume came just in time. We bought it from

     Here is the tri-fold board that Shane did on Benjamin Franklin. I did help him put it together.


Here is Shane's artwork. Shane really enjoys drawing, but that was not the case two years ago. He struggled with art until I bought some Ed Emberley books. We love his books! His books changed everything. What art books to you enjoy?

These two pictures are Jarrett's artwork.

A Trip to a Museum

I took the boys to a museum on a Sunday afternoon. I actually liked the museum, but we left right after the Celtic dancers preformed. It was rather crowded because admission was free. I would like to go again someday. I think the boys enjoyed the Polynesian display. There were necklaces made from human teeth on display. There were many elaborate artifacts and head dresses on display. I did not care for the Kids Museum building. I felt it did not hold my boys attention at all compared to the adult area. I guess you can say it was too "childish" for our interest. Besides, the children were running around all wild with no parent supervision. It was chaos.

A Park Day

Jarrett with PaPa

Jarrett has asked if we could have our own tetherball in our back yard. He really enjoyed playing at the park. It was a nice day.

 I loved playing tetherball for recess at school, when I was young. It was my favorite game to play. I remember being pretty competitive. I also remember stubbing a couple of fingers while playing.

Some Hours of Fun

Here is a place where the boys really had some fun. I didn't care for all the violent arcade games, so my boys did not play them. The food was okay but nothing special. We stayed there for 3 hours.

 This is not a very good picture of Shane. He looks like he has been up all night playing video games...

We went to a used bookstore after playing all those arcade games and found this Garfield book for a dollar. It is a nice size book in great shape. My boys love Garfield.

 Then we headed over to Farrell's for some ice cream. Have you been to Farrell's? It was an experience! It was very loud and entertaining.

Here the boys are being silly in the lobby area of Farrell's. An older man with a lady actually bought some candy for us. It was very nice of them.

:) here's to the fun days....