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Week 18 School Work

Here is my memory board, since I do not have a whiteboard with me. I would normally write everything out on a whiteboard every week. I am now going on CC Connect and printing out pages to use every week. It is nice for Shane and Jarrett to have a visual of what we are doing each week. I can't believe we have 6 weeks of classes left.

Here are some great articles to read from Classical Conversations. I find these articles encouraging.

Here is what Shane did for art this week. He did not want to paint his drawing. We studied the artist Roy Lichtenstein this week.

A High School Band Performance


Independence Hall

We went on a field trip to Independence Hall with our CC community. This Independence Hall is an exact replica for the original one in Philadelphia. I sure enjoyed all the fascinating things inside. It is a beautiful building.

This is a beautiful carriage from 1770. It has a short entry because the average man during this time was 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Here is a replica of the Liberty Bell.
Here is a harpsichord from the 1700's. I love the sound of a harpsichord. Just think, Mozart played one. 
Here is Betsy Ross and George Washington.

A British Redcoat

John Adams
 Thomas Jefferson

Here is where the delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. This is a copy of the original setting. John Hancock sat at the table on the platform in the formal chair. John Hancock was the president of the committee. He was the first delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Helping Grandpa

The boys are helping their grandpa planet some flowers.

Jarrett loves getting his hands dirty. Both Shane and Jarrett enjoy planting and taking care of the garden at home. They both plant seeds, water, and weed our vast garden.

A Trip to the Bakery

We visited a bakery that had some nice looking cakes. My boys had some huge cream puffs. I forgot to take a picture of them. I was good and did not purchase anything to eat at this bakery. I am trying to stay in control of my sugar intake. Talk about will power at a bakery......

Facial Moisturizers

Here is a picture of items I use to moisturize my face. Coconut cream is in the clear jar. I use extra virgin coconut oil or vitamin E in the evening. I use vitamin E or shea butter in the morning. I think these products have helped improve my melasma.