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Cocao Nibs

Yes, I spelled it right. My two young boys enjoy eating cocoa nibs. The nibs have a bitter taste. I actually sprinkle a little stevia on them to disguise the bitter taste. It is not all that bad. What are cocao nibs? Cocoa nibs taste like chocolate and is loaded with minerals. Here is a good article about cocao nibs. Have you tried them?

A Trip to a Museum

Last Thursday, we took a trip to an art museum. Carissa had to do some research for her art history class, so myself, Shane, and Jarrett came along. I forgot how I enjoy visiting museums. I could have stayed longer but a 7 year old does not appreciate art as much as an adult. He behaved himself very well but did not thoroughly enjoy the experience. Here are some pictures of what we observed.

The First Snow

Today was the first sight of snow flurries. Shane & Jarrett danced around for joy. They really look forward to playing in the snow. It looks like if may snow on Saturday. I believe the high today was 30 degrees. It should get down to 14 degrees tonight. The fire in the fireplace is blazing and I roasted chestnuts today. Yes, we even listened to Christmas music yesterday. When I say "we", I mean Shane and Jarrett.

On the Mississippi River


Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Wow! Time goes by fast! Look at the youthfulness in these pictures. There have been a few ups and downs these past 20 years, but that is part of reality. No marriage is without faults or struggles. God has put us together and we know this. We are committed to each other & God from the covenant that we made. We stood in that church 20 years ago and took an oath. The beauty and understanding of what we did that day goes deep.

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller, is a very good book. I read it September as part of the women's ministry of our church. This book is for married and single people. I wish this book was around, so I could have read it before I got married. Here is a comment posted on Amazon about the book:

Keller states in the introduction, "its [the books] primary goal is to give both married and unmarried people a vision for what marriage is according to the Bible." I believe that Keller succeeds in giving a ver…

Time to Split Wood

It is that time of the year when days are shorter and cooler. The leaves have dropped from the maple trees. Time to prepare for the very cold days of winter. Brian spent all day Saturday chopping wood. He and two other men chop wood together, which provides wood for each others home. They chop down dead trees or chop up fallen trees. You should never go out alone to chop down trees.

Picking Walnuts

Shane and Jarrett picked walnuts that past two weekends. They spent around twenty hours picking and made $150.14. They gave Nathan $25 for helping them pick walnuts for four hours. Shane and Jarrett were so excited to make money.
Here are some bags ready to be hulled. The walnuts weighed one thousand and seventy-two pounds after they were hulled. Shane and Jarrett plan to use the money for Christmas and postage stamps. They want to purchase postage stamps so they can mail pen pal letters.

Picking walnuts is good way for young children to earn money.

A Stick Bug

Check out this stick bug! I think this is the biggest one I have seen. I had to take a picture of it before we headed into the grocery store.

Children Growing Up

Brian's favorite subjects are Western Cultural History, science, and logic. Yes, Brian is learning the subjects right along side Carissa and Nathan. He also enjoys learning. :)