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How Are You Doing?

I know it has been along time since I last blogged. We or should I say, "I've"  been busy. There are some new things going on. First, I got a new laptop and my software for my pictures is on that old computer. It has been a hassle to use the old computer to blog. I need to go on there to upload our vacation pictures. We went to New Mexico for almost 2 weeks in July. It was great to see family that I have not seen in 17 years. My children got to meet their cousins for the 1st time and play with cousins from Connecticut they have not seen for a few years. My kids especially enjoyed White Sands. Don't know about White Sands, then look it up.

Second, in late May I was given the opportunity to be the director of our Classical Conversations community. I prayed about it and felt it was the right thing to do but I had to pray that God would change my husbands heart. I asked God that my husband would take Mondays off to assist me and be involved in the kids classes. Our commu…