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Clowning Around

Here is Nathan acting silly with dad's glasses.

Black Tiger or Whiskers

This friendly female kitty showed up at our house last Saturday. The children really enjoy having her around. They play with her when ever they are outside. She seems to be very healthy. Brian is not too keen about having a cat around. I tell him we live in the country and we should have a barn yard cat. She actually did take up residence in our barn. 
Maybe this cat is just plan providence. Wait, have the children been praying for a cat?

Homemade Laundry Soap

I finally made my own laundry soap. My friend is always saying that she just does not understand why everyone does not make their own. I find that it actually cleans better than any other laundry soap that I have tried. You mix:
1 cup of washing soda 1 cup of Borax grate 1 bar of Fels Naptha 
You only need to use 2-3 tablespoons a load. I put the soap in with the clothes instead of thru the dispenser.
Shane and Jarrett like to help grate the bar of soap. It is nice to have helpers. Maybe you would like to try making some laundry soap.

Carissa Starts on Monday

Here are here school books for this year.
Some people may think I am crazy to drive two and half hours one way, for thirty Mondays this school year, just so my children can be in classical model tutor classes. What parents will do for their children. Our family is blessed to have a family host us on Sunday nights, so we don't have to leave our home at 5:30am on Mondays in order to make it to class by 8:25am.

Carissa will be in classes from 8:25am to 3:30pm. Her classes are:

Scripture and Prayer

She will be studying these subjects, Ancient History, and piano at home each day from Tuesday thru Friday.

Carissa should be done with Pre-Algebra by January and then will move on to Algebra 1. She has already studied a little Latin with Latina Christina, English From the Roots Up, and with Visual Latin. I really like the Visual Latin program. You can check it out here.
Carissa has already gained good writing skills…


We are in a drought. Here is a picture of our pasture. Pretty sad! We have had very little rain since May. It has been hot but not really humid.

The pond is really down from normal levels. See all the green around the water, well it was all under water a few months ago.

Look at the green and brown line. The cows love to eat this green stuff, that was once under water.
The grass is pretty much dead and crunchy under my feet.
Nathan planted these sunflowers.

Are You Qualified

Here is a post from Artful Homemaking. I just had to share this post because it is the heart of why so many of us home educate our children. Many people do not understand why we choose to take on this responsibility. For me, it requires so much of my time, emotions, and physical strength. It is a loving sacrifice. You will, in time, see the fruit of your labor.

"Show me a mother with an enduring love for her children and I'll show you a mother who meets the requirements for home teaching.  With love comes the self-sacrifice, daily discipline, kindness, patience, and determination needed to set her children's feet on the paths of righteousness, skill, and knowledge.  She who sows seeds by home teaching, over time will reap the fruits of her labor."
~Karen Andreola, Lessons at Blackberry Inn
Home education is about relationship.  It's about love.  And if you have that, you meet the requirements for teaching your children at home.  You are qualified.