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Up Up and Away

While we were in Pella, we did partake in a hot air balloon festival. We got to see how they get a balloon ready for flight. What an experience!

Here are my three boys in the balloon's basket. Jarrett (the 5 year old) wanted to go up in the air. He kept on asking me, if he could go up in the balloon. I told him that it would cost him $175 to do this. He changed his mind after I told him that he would have to pay for it out of his savings. Perhaps, someday he will make it up into the sky in a hot air balloon.

Another Practicum

Here is Shane with his class during a presentation.

Here is a sample of Nathan in Latin camp.
We went to another Classical Conversations practicum, which was in Pella, Iowa. Carissa & Nathan went to Latin camp. Shane went to geodrawing camp and Jarrett was in play camp.

I really liked attending this small practicum. I learned some new info about the classical model of education.

Pella is a small town with Dutch Heritage. They say the town has a touch of Holland. Here are some pictures of Pella:

Schooling Shane Thru the Summer

Here is a workbook that I had Shane complete to see how much of the 2nd grade material he has mastered. I know many people use this workbook to help their children with the standardized testing. Well, Shane did fabulous! He almost got every answer right. I knew he would do very well.
Here is the word problem book that he finished. He did well with this workbook. I think it was a little too easy. I plan to get him the next level. The goal is to have him start 4th grade math in August when he officially starts 3rd grade.

He is reading books throughout the summer and reviewing phonics.  He is doing his spelling and hand writing workbooks throughout the summer too.

Here is some art work from Shane. I just love the hats he draws.

Classical Conversations

Have you heard of Classical Conversations? I have known about it for a few years. There were no groups in our area a few years ago but that has since changed. It looks like we will be doing Classical Conversations this year. This programs seems to be what we have been wanting these past 6 years of schooling our children.

Classical Conversations teaches the classical model of education. Here are the different stages.

the Grammar stage ---memorizing facts (k-6th grade)the Dialectic stage ---discovering how the facts relate (7-8th grade)the Rhetoric stage---applying the facts. (9th -12th grade) The Bible refers to these stages in Proverbs 24:3-4 as knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

The children and I just got back from a 3 day practicum in Kansas City. I received more information about what Classical Conversations is all about. Carissa and Nathan had a 3 day public speaking class. Shane had a geography drawing class, which he learned about Africa. Jarrett had a play camp in which he…