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A Mother's Job Description

No job on earth takes more physical, mental, social, emotional,and spiritual strength than being a good wife and mother. If a woman is looking for the easy life she might try teaching tennis, cutting diamonds, or joining a roller derby team. There is nothing easy about good mothering. It can be back breaking, heart wrenching and anxiety producing. And that's just the morning.

Stephen & Janet Bly (from the book Feminine Appeal)

I am reading the Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney. This is a very good book and very inspiring. I plan to read it again once I finish it. This is one of the few books that have ministered to my heart.

Roller Skating

Here is Jarrett learning how to skate.
 Even Brian enjoyed himself.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday, during Family Skate Time. The children really enjoy skating. Jarrett actually was getting the hang of it by the end of our skate time. I think I may have to give it a try next time.