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Update on Carissa's Scoliosis

Carissa had an appointment with the doctor earlier this month. Her scoliosis is progressing and is now at 70 degrees. I have not been happy with the current treatment that past few years. I feel the doctors have lacked in teaching her exercises from the very beginning. The brace that she is wearing is obviously not working.

I would like to try different treatment from the Clear Institute. It is very intense. I have contacted one doctor but I want to actually talk to some patients that went through this treatment. Here is a website with some information about treating scoliosis.

The doctors have told us that she has about another year left before she stops growing. This means we really want to lower the curve before she stops growing. We need for her spine to de-rotate and straighten out as much as possible. I don't want her to lose movement in her spine or fluid in her discs. I don't want Carissa to suffer with back pain as she gets older. Right now she has constant headaches,…

Uncle Johnny

Here is a life that has been lived for 55 years. Yes, he had handicaps but he was deeply loved by his family. His family will miss him terribly. He grew up being the youngest of 10 children. I would say that he was taken care of through out his life. He made us laugh with his funny quirks and jokes.

He passed away on February 11th, 2012 at home surrounded by family. Our family was aware that this day was coming because of on going heart problems he had. His heart was only working 11 percent at the end.

I know that I will see him in heaven someday. In heaven he will be whole without any of his handicaps. He believed in Jesus Christ and constantly talked about heaven and Jesus at the end of his life. He knew where he was going because he would say, he wanted to go home in heaven. He was ready to leave this world.

You have to watch FRESH the movie

When man uses his God-given creativity to invent things that are outside of the biblical boundaries of Creation; that break God’s Law; that trample or kill the weak (think abortion); or that attempt to exalt man above God; then we have disease, illness, chaos, scientific perversion, and even death. Just watched Fresh, the movie, and it got me thinking. So many of our problems are because we either try to take God out of the equation, or we try to exalt ourselves above Him.

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Or watch the trailer HERE