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God's Image Bearer

We were made for the praise and glory of our Creator, that we might truly know God our creator, love him with all our heart, and live with him in eternal happiness. We praise God for our redemption in Christ because it is that redemption that enables us to love and know the Lord. In turn, this should move us to glorify Him in what we say, do, think, and feel.
Our original vocation as human beings was to rule and reign over the earth in righteousness. Apart from Christ, we are incapable of obeying God as He commands, but the reflections of beauty, goodness, and truth we still see in humanity, flawed as it is, testify that we still bear God's image even if it is now broken. In redemption, the Lord is restoring this image and enabling us to take dominion in righteousness.

So although the fallen descendants of Adam come into the world with a depraved nature incapable of obeying the Lord, God did not create our first parents as sinners.Instead, Adam and all those in him lost the abilit…

A Country Dance

We enjoyed a country dance last Sunday. Here is Brian and Carissa doing the Virginia Reel. The next country dance is next month. These dances are enjoyed by the whole family.

I Knit

I finally learned how to knit. I went to a knitting class on the 2nd of January, that really inspired me to learn. I made a simple washcloth. I went to YOU TUBE to watch some videos to help me learn too. The online videos were extremely helpful to me. I cannot wait to knit more items.
Carissa has become a very good knitter. I will show some of her items soon.

Visiting a Museum


The Big 5


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