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Gardening 101

This is the 1st year that I attempted raised bed gardening. I am totally new to gardening but it has been fun so far.

I have planted strawberries, peppers, marigolds, basil, oregano, chives, tomatoes, rosemary, watermelon, spearmint, and peppermint. I still have room to plant more plants. I plan to plant carrots, green beans, lettuce, spinach, and Roma tomatoes in these raised beds.

I purchased 4 blueberry bushes that need to be planted. Now we have 6 blueberry bushes.

Some apples on one of our apple trees. They taste good!! We did not spray our trees this year. You can see the beetle destruction on some leaves.

The ducks are nice to watch around the yard.

Motivational Gifts

A friend of mine emailed me this link on motivational gifts. Click here to read the entire article. I thought you would like to read about this. Which one are you? My gift is giving/serving and my husband's is teaching.
At the moment of salvation, a believer receives one of seven motivational gifts: prophecy, serving, teaching, exhorting, giving, organizing, or mercy. This gift of God’s grace shapes how the believer views life, relates to others, and impacts the Body of Christ. A motivational gift can be compared to a set of eyeglasses from God, given so that the believer can see people and circumstances through that particular set of “lenses.”Following are simple descriptions of the seven motivational gifts, explaining how a person with each gift would “see” his or her role in the Body of Christ:Prophecy: Reveals truth by exposing sin, so that fellowship with God can be restored and/or maintained Serving: Demonstrates love by meeting practical needs, usually through…

Sewing for Fun

The other day, I decided to make a square bottom shopping bag out of two t-shirts. I used 2 XL men t-shirts. This bag can even be used as a beach bag.

A very simple bag to make. Sew the shoulder seems together. Sew the bottom of the t-shirts together. You may need to cut them to make the bottom even. Cut off the sleeves and the neck line. I did serge the ends.

Here is the inside of the bag. It can hold many items. Next time, I am going to make a bag out of 2 large men t-shirts.

Look what I did here....I took a pair of Jarrett's size 3T old jeans and cut them.

I added some fabric and rick-rack. I think it turned out cute.

This is actually a dark denim skirt but for some reason it looks black. I sewed this a few weeks ago.

My sewing machine broke the other day. Now, Carissa and I are without a sewing machine. I hope I can buy a new one soon. I guess I could try to take it in to get repaired but is the machine worth the $75 fee just to look it over. I paid $50 for this used sewing machin…

A Father's Day Weekend

For the man who works hard to finish my "to do" list for him and who does not tire of it. I am so thankful he enjoys being married and being a father to three active boys and one preteen daughter.

I appreciate his love for me, it never fails. He is devoted to God and family...he makes sure to pray with and for us everyday. He pours out his life to see that his family is taught the word of God by being the high priest of his home.

He is a real man, with the fear of God, integrity, honor, respect, and love.

Happy Father's Day!

Something To Think Upon

I read this the other day from the Tabletalk periodical.

Without the word of God, we do not have access to the teaching of the Savior, and so Christians must always be known as people of the Book: men and women who believe and proclaim the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. Understanding this teaching is a lifelong process of reading scripture, hearing it preached, encouraging other believers, and more. Are you doing all that you can to learn the Word of God?

Visiting Another Blog

Debt, Saving Money and Large Families Don't Have to Be on Food Stamps

I really like this post from Generation Cedar. What she has to say is encouraging and so true. I hope you like reading her blog. Click on the title above in bold to view her blog.

Two Dvds to Watch

Have you seen the movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry? Our family enjoyed it very much. I think I will even purchase this DVD. It is based on a true story. Click here to view the trailer.

The other documentary we watched was Noah's Ark Thinking Outside the Box. This is a very interesting documentary and is great for the whole family to watch. Click here to view the trailer. I was able to borrow this DVD from our outstanding library. This DVD is a good teaching tool.

I hope you enjoy watching these DVDs. You may be able to find these DVDs on Netflix.

Look What Is Growing

Here is what is growing in our berry garden. Aren't they gorgeous? They taste fabulous too.

We will not be eating any blueberries from our own bushes this year because Nathan's ducks ate them all off the bushes. We actually had to make a fenced garden just to keep them out of the berries bushes.

Carissa picking raspberries.

The grapes are getting bigger. There is nothing like growing your own food. It even taste better....

Here are some jars of mulberry jam that I made from our own mulberry trees. I need to go pick some more berries off the tree. The family is going through these jars fast. I need to hurry before the birds get to the berries first.

Here is Jarrett with a mulberry mustache. I made him a mulberry smoothie. This kid is the only one who will ask me to make smoothies for him. He will eat any kind of smoothie.

Treasure Hunting

This past Saturday was the city wide garage sale. I hit everyone of them and brought back some treasures.

I found a bed table/tray that was never used for $4, a boom box that you can play Cd's & tapes for $5, five yards of teddy bear fabric $4, Outburst for $5, twelve adorable note cards for $1, six white linen napkins for 25 cents, a Mary Engelbreit tin for 25 cents, four cherry dishtowels for $1, a pair of boy jeans for $1, two pair of boy shorts for 75 cents, 10 skeins of yarn for $2.50, a Blue Clue's DVD for 10 cents, and a serving bowl for $2.

I think that when you go shopping at a garage sale, it is like treasure hunting.

I bought this purse for 25 cents. The only thing wrong with it was the lining. The lining was made of thin fabric that was torn. I had Carissa take out the lining because I plan to put in a new lining in it. I will show you that project another time.

I bought this picture for $2. Some of the items I purchased I will resale.

I bought this twin sheet set f…


My friend's 11 year old daughter found this size small dress at a garage sale. The dress was free and the zipper was broken. The dress had no stains or rips.

I told her that I would make a skirt out of it for her.

First, I had Carissa detach the bodice from the skirt. Second, Carissa sewed the seam closed where the zipper was on the dress. Third, I took the tulle off from the attached slip under the skirt. I thought it would be nice the keep the attached slip for the skirt. Fourth, I serged the top edge of the skirt. Fifth, I cut out fabric for the new top part of the skirt. I then serged all the edges. Sixth, I attached the new fabric to the skirt. Seventh, I added a top hem. Eighth, I added the elastic. Now, this skirt is finished. This skirt probably took a half hour or less to complete. Very simple.

I say it's country charm!

Practice Makes Perfect

Carissa has been practicing this piece from Beethoven for next years home school presentation night. She is practicing Fur Elise by Beethoven.

I think she is coming along quite well.

A Movie Review

Here is another review. Brian and I watched this DVD this past weekend. We both like this movie/documentary. We watched The Book That Changed The World KJB. The Amazing Tale Of The Birth of The King James Bible

It was fitting to watch, since we just finished world history and the reformation with our children. This is a great tool to use to educate yourself and your children. It is amazing to know how and why the King James Bible came about. I encourage you to watch this movie/documentary. Go here to watch the trailer.

We actually borrowed this movie/documentary from our library. I just love our library!

Another Update on Shane

Shane has been on a dairy and egg free diet for almost 3 weeks now. He has shown signs of improvement. He does not have any dark circles under his eyes, he is breathing better at night, and he is not having nasal drainage while sleeping.

Before he started this diet his breathing seemed labored while sleeping. We thought that he had a tonsil problem. Well, he did have a tonsil problem but it did not require surgery. It is amazing what allergies will do to one's body.

By the way, Shane did not like the vegan cheese. Well, it looks like he will have to just live without cheese. Wait there is hope, the doctor did say that he may be able to eat goat cheese and milk. The doctor told me that goat milk has less proteins than cow milk. It seems that these higher milk proteins are harder to digest.

The Gospel Leads to Evangelism

I read an article this past weekend in Tabletalk magazine by Donald S. Whitney and I just have to share it.

It does little good to encourage people to discipline themselves to evangelize if they do not know the gospel. Try this experiment in your church, class, or small group to reveal one's level of preparedness to share the gospel. Distribute paper and then ask people how many times they think they've heard the gospel. Some, if they've professed faith in Christ for many years, may answer that they've heard it hundreds or even thousands of times.

"Good", you say. "Now, please write the gospel on that piece of paper".

Then watch people freeze and stare at you as though you've asked them to list the names of every member of congress.

Be prepared for an uncomfortable silence and many blank sheets of paper--despite the presence of some your most devoted members.

By repeating this exercise, I've become convinced that a great percentage of even t…