Celebrating Another Year Completed

Here is a dress that Carissa made for Presentation Night. I only helped her with the collar and buttons.

Shane is so excited to start his 2nd grade math book. He actually came upstairs this morning while I was washing my face and asked if I could correct his math. Well, I was a little shocked because I told him that he would start his new book on Monday. He did a total of 7 pages of math today. I tell you, this kid really enjoys school. At the rate he is going he will be in 3rd grade math in August and he starts 2nd grade in August.

Here is a page of his language arts that he completed. Shane had to unscramble the sentence and then had to read & write the correct sentence.

Last night was Presentation Night. This is a night that the local home school kids come together and present their accomplishments from the school year. Carissa shared 2 poems that she wrote and a table full of all her sewing & crocheting creations. Many children participated. It was nice to see a variety of talents the children have.


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