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Personal Development

This is the book that I am reading to my 12 year old daughter for personal development. This book is full of wisdom. I just read the 11th chapter to her. This chapter is labeled Ideals. You may want to ask your daughters these questions. Here is excerpt of what we read today:

What is an ideal woman? What kind of woman is most to be admired? Who among your acquaintances seems the most admirable to you? Consider her dress, her lifework, her manner of speech, her influence upon those about her. Think of her as a housewife and as a mother. Is your ideal woman loud-spoken, or is her voice pitched low and sweet? Does she criticize others quickly and sharply, or does she always have a good word for everybody? Is her dress quiet and becoming, or "loud" and bold? Is she a teacher, a housewife, a business woman, or a woman of ease and pleasure? Is she an actress or a movie star? Whatever she is , you admire her, and deep in your heart you want to be like her.Out of these many traits le…

An Amish Bonnet

On Saturday, I bought this Amish hat and hat stand at a local store for $6.50. The hat is in excellent shape and so is the stand. I bought the hat with the intention of
upcycling it.

I took off the hot glued on moss and sewed on some ribbon.

I decided to give Carissa the hat, since she likes anything vintage. I kept the hat stand for myself.

Kind Hearts

Kind hearts are the gardens;
Kind words are the roots,
Kind thoughts are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits.

Take care of your garden
And keep out the weeds;
Fill it with sunshine,
Kind words and good deeds.

Henry W. Longfellow

Chickens and Ducks

We bought some chickens and ducks this past weekend. I just love the two Peking ducks. We plan to buy 10 more chicks and 4 more ducks.

Book Sale

Last Thursday, I went to a book sale. I only had about 20 minutes to shop. There must of been 10,000 books in the place. I immediately made a beeline to the books on tape and the literature sections. So, this is what I found in my allotted time. I found the Iliad by Homer, Divine Comedy by Dante, and The Book of Virtues by William Bennett. All these books are classics. I have listened to the Iliad on CD a few years ago and I appreciate all the details in this book about the Trojans. It is definitely a "boy" book with all the blood and guts. It's a war book.... I have also listened to The Inferno by Dante on CD. This book gave graph images about hell. Hell is depicted as nine circles of suffering within the earth. The circles are Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. This book was written in the 1300's. It's an excellent book. The Divine Comedy is about the journey of the soul towards God when a person dies. This book was also …


Here are the hats I wear in the winter. The middle hat is made in the 1950's. I found the hat at a local shop for $4.

Here are some hats that I have worn out for tea. I call them my fun hats.

Here are my spring and summer hats. The hat with the flower, is the first hat I bought. I believe I purchased it in 1990.

This is my gardening hat.

Here is a collection of Carissa's hats. She hand sewed the trimming and ribbon on the middle hat. Carissa had been looking for a hat from the time period of the 1700's but could not fine one. Well, last year she went to a Heritage Festival and found the hat with no trimmings. I remember the hat was not cheap, she paid $20 for an unfinished hat. I provided the ribbon and trim from my stash.

Hats were once worn by all ladies in society. To bad I live in a different time because I love to wear hats.

I was inspired to write this blog about hats after I read this blog from Eight Acres of Eden.
Eight Acres of Eden is from down under...

A Sweet Thing To Say

A month ago, Nathan shocked us. We were all preparing to sit down for lunch. Carissa started to pour the drinks, when all of a sudden, Nathan said something. Nathan said, " Carissa I will pour the drinks, I want you to enjoy your lunch". You should have seen Carissa's face, with a look of utter shock. I must say I was shocked too. Nathan does not talk like this to Carissa. It seems they mostly argue all the time.

Did I just witness a fruit of child training? Child training is a lot of work and sometimes it seems all your work is to no avail. That can be discouraging....but have faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when his is old, he will not depart from it. ( Proverbs 22:6)

Give Me Cake

When I rose up from bed this morning, I had this thought on my mind, "Show me Your ways Lord". Then, all of a sudden the song by Hillsong came to my mind. I've had this song on my mind all day today.

Show me Your ways
That I may walk with you
Show me Your ways
I put my hope in You

The cry of my heart is to love You more
To live with the touch of Your hand
Stronger each day
Show me Your ways

I made gluten free carrot cake with sour cream frosting. The frosting tastes better than cream cheese frosting. I got the recipe from All recipes dot com. I think the whole thing came out good. I also made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The kids just love the gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Snow Again

It snowed Sunday night and all day Monday. I thought Spring was coming, with all the nice weather we were experiencing. Well, we received about 8 inches of snow but it is melting fast. We have Spring temperatures again.

English Country Dance

Have you ever been to an English Country Dance? Well, our fellowship hosted one so, our whole family went to one this past Saturday. We all had so much fun! I think Carissa danced every dance. Many girls dressed in old fashioned dresses from the 1700-1800's. The boys looked nice, even though they did not dress up from the 1700-1800's. I even danced one dance with Brian. I must say, that I cannot wait for the next one. Maybe, next time I will not forget my camera at home.

Go here to view one of the dances we danced. You can view another dance here too.

Have you heard of Contra Dance? It seems to be the same as an English Country Dance. Contra dances are very popular here. It seems there is one every month in one of the local cities. These dances are family dances that do not allow any alcohol consumption.


On the Horse

Brian looks so funny on Sugar, formally known as Coco. The children now what to call her Sugar. I must say she is such a sweet horse. She really likes you to visit her.

Brian finally was able to figure out putting on the bridle. A friend came over to help with the saddle and bridle. The children enjoyed riding her. I think Shane enjoyed it the most.

Our neighbor's sheep.

I am trying to convince Brian we should get our own sheep. We can have a supply of fresh lamb all the time.

Boys Having Fun

I just had to share some fun photos of the boys from a few weeks ago.

Jarrett trying to roll his snowball. It was just to heavy to roll.

Nathan trying to help Jarrett with his giant snowball.

Look the moon is out.

A Serger

Well, I finally made a decision on what serger to buy. After months of giving it some thought, I decided on the Brother brand. I must say, that using a serger is so easy. I don't know why I waited so long to buy one. It takes half the time to d0 sewing projects. I cannot believe what I was missing....

Here is my sewing room. Carissa is sewing on her machine. You can see my fabric stash in the back ground. Brian still needs to add some more shelves to the closet. It is amazing how you underestimate the amount of shelves you will need.

Jarrett picked out this fabric at Wal-Mart the other day. He asked me to make him a pillow case. I bought 7/8 of a yard and added 6 inches of denim material that I had in my stash. I then added some rick-rack and binding that I had from my stash. I think it turned out nice and Jarrett agrees too. Now, Shane is asking for one. I will be taking him to the store to pick out some fabric soon.

You see the nursing cover in the above picture. It took me abou…

A Conversation About Norway

A few months ago, I had a interesting conversation with a lady from Norway. I talked to her for about an hour, while I looked through some items at her garage sale. She said that she has been in the United States for the past 7 years. She has a husband and 3 teenagers.

I asked her about socialism in Norway. She told me it is really bad in Norway and that is why her family left. Norwegians pay 50% of their pay toward taxes. Health care is free in Norway but the waiting list is long for procedures. She told me that a relative was put on a waiting list for six months for an operation regarding cancer treatment. She said that many of people go to other countries for treatment instead of waiting.

We talked about the school system. She told me that everyone is regarded as having the same intelligence. That means, if you are smart then you are bored at school and if you are slow then you will be left behind. The government wants everyone to be equal. The government controls wages, they do no…

Family Worship

Many Christians live and work in this world, as if their Christianity was a low priority in life, and this world and its pleasures were all important; when indeed the things of this world are fleeting and Christianity is the one thing we need most.

John Bunyan

Our family had a very touching time of worship on Sunday. We stayed home because of sickness so, we had church at home. We worshiped while singing to Hillsong. It was such a wonderful time.

Where do you begin? Here are 7 steps from the Family Driven Faith book:

Family worship must be born of conviction Family worship begins with the head of the household Family worship must be scheduledFamily worship must be simpleFamily worship must be naturalFamily worship must be mandatoryFamily worship must be participatoryWhat difference will it make? 7 blessing to look forward to.

Family worship honors GodFamily worship will draw your family closer to GodFamily worship will draw your family closer to one anotherFamily worship will lay a found…

Another Way to Save

I thought I should share another way to save on paying interest. How about paying your home mortgage off early?

Brian and I decided we wanted to do this about, almost 2 years ago. We bought our new home when the interest rate was almost 6%. We knew we wanted to refinance our mortgage but we waited for the right time. You see, I wanted a 4.5% rate and Brian wanted to pay no points. So, we waited for a year and a half to get what we wanted. We refinanced our mortgage but kept our mortgage payment at the same amount we were paying at the higher interest rate. So, we will be paying off our mortgage in 20 years verses 30 years, if we just continue to do what we are doing. Well, this will not do for us, we plan, with God's help, to pay off our mortgage in 10-15 years. This is our goal and I know with God's help this will be possible.

You may ask why we didn't take out a 15 year mortgage. We wanted the flexibility without being committed to a higher payment.

Some people say not to p…

Do You Save?

Are you making your savings work for you? Think about ways to earn free money. I am always crunching numbers in our family. Brian says that I am good with numbers. I believe it is a gift from God.

I can think back to when I first starting saving, I was in 6th grade. I remember my grandparents would give me money almost everyday. I would ask for money because in 6th grade I walked home from school and stopped at the corner store everyday. Well, I would not spend all the money. I would save some of the money to buy Christmas gifts. I continued to do this until I was in 11th grade. Maybe, it was not right but it did teach me discipline with saving money.

I am thinking about savings because it is Friday. Every Friday is payday for me. I pay myself a pay check after I pay the people who work for me first. Well, every Monday I have a fix amount transferred to our Christmas Club account. I have a Christmas Club because our bank gives us free money for having one. Yes, you are reading right. Yo…

Worship Again

Well, maybe I have the answer to my question from yesterday's post. While I was washing my face this morning and thinking about worship, I had a thought. Could it be that maybe the person leading worship or the type of worship is not anointed? What came to my mind, was David playing his instrument for Saul. Read 1 Samuel 16:23 David was anointed king at the time David played for Saul, so the presence of God was with him.

Is the anointing missing from the worship leader or the worship music? Is that what I am the anointing.

Let me tell you, once you feel the anointing, you will want to feel it always. It is how we are created by God. Our spirit wants to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. For me, it is like having a strong craving.

I appreciate all the responses that I received from my post yesterday. God will answer our questions and prayers.

God bless!


I am having difficulties with some forms of worship. I don't know why I feel this way, perhaps it is the path that lead me to be a Christian. Every time I worship I am longing to be ministered to and that my heart cries for God. This morning I was having family worship with the children and I started to cry while singing I Give You My Heart by Hillsong. Here are the words:

This is my desire
To honor You
Lord, with all my heart
I worship You
All I have within me
I give You praise
All that I adore
Is in You

Lord, I give You my heart
I give You my soul
I live for You alone
Every breath that I take
Every moment I'm awake
Lord, have Your way in me

So many Hillsong songs make me cry while I am singing them. Why am I not moved when I sing hymns? Could it be the music accompanying the song?

We have been going to a local church here in town but frankly I do not like the worship. It seems to be dead with no life. Is it wrong to say this?... I desire to see the Holy Spirit move during worship. Maybe, I…