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The Role of the Home in Teaching the Bible

I just got done reading a few page of the book Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham and had to share what I just read.

Here are the words of Voddie Baucham:

Contrary to popular belief, the home, not the church, has been entrusted with the primary responsibility of teaching children the Bible. In our age of professionalism we tend to hire out virtually every parental responsibility. We want Johnny to succeed at sports, so we hire a professional for private lessons. We want Susie to get into a good college, so we hire a special tutor to boost her SAT score. We want our children to be upstanding citizens and Christians, so we hire a children's pastor or youth minister.

There is nothing wrong with wanting our children to succeed (as long as we have biblical view of success). Nor is there anything inherently wrong with seeking help when we need it. However, we have gone beyond seeking help to abdicating our responsibility. Unfortunately, this abdication has become so common in spiritual …

Homemade Mayo

Well, the other day I felt like being adventurous. So, I decided to make homemade mayonnaise in the Vita Mix. It actually came out pretty good. I used grape seed oil, ground mustard seed, lemon juice, eggs, salt, and vinegar. I am going to try the cooked version next time, to see which recipe we like the best.

We eat a lot of mayonnaise in our home. I am the only one in our household that prefers mustard over mayonnaise.

It is very easy to make mayonnaise!

Carissa Sews

Carissa crocheted this bag for me for my Valentine's Day gift. She did a great job. You should see it is person.

Carissa recycled some pants and made them into skirts.

Here is a quilt that Carissa made for her American Girl doll about 8 months ago. She made this quilt by hand; meaning all the stitches are by hand.

Here is a blanket that Carissa made for Jarrett. She sewed this one by machine.

I just let Carissa sew and try not to instruct her. I want her to develop creativity and to learn from her mistakes. It is actually quite exciting to see what she will come up with next....


Carissa had a doctor's appointment on February 13th. Here are some X-rays from the doctor's visit. It does not look very good. Yes, her curves have increased from her last visit a year ago. Her upper curve is at 66 degrees and her lower curve is at 48 degrees. Carissa has also grown 4 inches in the past year. You see, every time she grows taller it can potentially cause her curves to increase. The doctor said, that she needs more therapy and chiropractic care.

To be honest, this has been financially draining, since we have to pay every thing out of pocket. You can not believe how expensive the replacement parts are for her brace. The doctor that Carissa sees is out of network.

We do have the option of going to a orthopedic doctor, that will encourage her to have spinal surgery to straighten her spine. You see, orthopedic doctors are not trained in preventive care at all. The orthopedic doctor will look at her X-rays and immediately say she is a candidate for surgery. Do we rea…

New to the Farm

Yesterday, we welcomed Coco to our farm. She is a miniature horse that the children purchased.
She is so sweet and gentle with the children. She is so friendly too. The children even bought a saddle, so they can ride her. I can already tell that she is a treasured. You should see how fast she can gallop.

Coco is 5 years old. She has been trained to pull a cart, help with sheep herding, and to let people ride her. She has such a sweet personality.

Coco's name before the children purchased her was Sugar but Jarrett wanted to name her Coco.
Do you like the name Jarrett picked?

Welcome Coco!

Being Busy

I so wanted to blog days ago but I have been sick for over a week and am now feeling better.

Well, Brian now has to wear glasses. He finally went to the doctor and had his eyes checked. He needs to wear them to read but he can wear them all the time too. He actually does not mind wearing them because he can see better than before.

About a week ago, I made homemade ice cream from snow from our back yard. The kids went crazy over it. It actually came out pretty good.

Here is an item that I worked on while on vacation. I finished it on the drive home from California.

Carissa is creating again. Carissa made a dress and apron to add to her collection. The fabric for the dress is from my basket of discarded clothes. The top part of the dress is from an old dress that was torn and the bottom is a large woman's skirt. The waist part (elastic) of the skirt was already taken out and there was already a hem at the bottom of it. So, Carissa just put the two pieces together and made something new.…

Winter Wonderland

Here are some pictures of the snow after the blizzard hit. We had record snow fall, it was well over 2 feet. The snow drifts made the snow over 5 feet deep in some areas. On Thursday morning, the temperature was -9 degrees. Yes, you are reading it right, that is minus 9 degrees. It is very cold but what would winter be like without the cold? I enjoy the change of the seasons and a real fire blazing in the fireplace. I wish I had a fireplace upstairs in our bedroom.
Here is a picture from the side of our driveway looking towards the barn.

Here is a picture of the barn door. It is half way cover with snow.

Here is a picture of our driveway. Brian cut a path in front of the garage doors. See the height of the snow.

Here is a picture of the path that leads to our front porch.

The street that leads to our house.