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Movie Review

Brian and I watched the movie The Magic of Ordinary Days and I thought I should let you know my thoughts about it. I really liked this movie. We borrowed this movie from the library. You may not want your children to view this movie because it does deal with unplanned pregnancy outside of marriage. I think this movie makes a great topic for a family bible study or a family conversation on Christian character. Ray Singleton shows Christian character through out the movie.

This is a touching love story during World War II. Livy is a worldly woman with big plans for her life. Life, however, has other plans for her. When unexpected circumstances turn her perfect world upside down, she finds herself living on a remote farm, married to a man she barely knows. She doesn't plan on staying long and she certainly doesn't plan on falling in love.
Livy has never met a man like Ray Singleton. Ray is a honest, hard-working and kind man. Ray discovers though, that it will take more than his lo…

Carissa's Creations

She has only been home for a five days and look what she has made. I am telling you she is a natural at creating items without patterns. This is just the beginning years for her(she is 12). I can not wait to see what she will be able to accomplish when she gets older.


We arrived home on Sunday night at around 8:30pm from 4 weeks of vacation. The next morning it began to snow and it snowed until the next day. We received a nice amount of snow. In some areas the snow is over a foot deep because of the snow drifts. The kids tried to enjoy the snow on Wednesday but it was like 18 degrees and too cold for them to enjoy it. So, today they ventured out to enjoy some sledding in a little warmer weather.
I hope to make a snow man tomorrow. It sure is fun to have snow in your own back yard....