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Some Homemade Food

Here us some homemade pizza. We make homemade pizza once a week. It is very easy to make the dough, we just have the bread machine make is for us. Brian is an excellent pizza dough tosser, he makes a perfect crust.
Here is some homemade cinnamon & raisin bread.

Carissa made some homemade focaccia bread the other day. This is some very tasty bread.

Children Are Funny

Nathan, Shane, and Jarrett are having fun with the leaves.

On Saturday Jarrett decided to pull some dinning room chairs out to make a bed, so he can take a nap. Brian had to take these pictures because Jarrett looked so cute. He even tried to cover himself with Carissa's skirt.

Sorry I have not blogged for awhile . I have been very busy working about 10 hour days for months now. I have no time for hobbies right now. I hope to blog some more this week. Take Care!