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A Desk

I've been wanting to get a small desk for Nathan. He needs to be able to do some school work in isolation, so he can focus better. Well, I found this desk, and chair for free at co-op this week. It is an old school desk. The top of the desk opens up to store items. It works for him and he will be able to use it for years to come.

Farwell Cousin

My only relative here where we live has moved away to Connecticut today. Her husband got a transfer with his job. They lived here for 11 or 13 years...I can't remember how many years. Their new house looks very nice and they are now only about 20 minutes from the ocean. I know they will enjoy and grow to love their new surroundings.

My boys are sure sad to see their cousin leave, but I know they will see each other again. My cousin has invited us to come and visit sometime. I do plan to take her up on that offer. I know in a few years we plan to visit Virginia, to take a tour of Jamestown. We will be studying American history again, and I think it would be a good time to visit some of the American historical sites. I would love to visit Massachusetts during this time. The New England states have so much history to see.

God bless you cousin and your family. Until we meet again....

Sewing, Baking, and Snow

Here is a pair of Limited brand chinos that were mine. I decided to make a skirt for Carissa out of them.

Carissa received some Baby Phat jeans, they were a little too long, so I cut about 2 1/2 inches off, and made a new hem. Can you believe I got them from the free table at our co-op? Nothing was wrong with them; thus, they are perfect pair of jeans.

The children ate homemade cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning. Brian made these wonderful tasting rolls. The children sure enjoyed them.

I made some homemade biscuits for the first time. They were so good... It is nice to have time to make food, that I seemed to not have time to make before.

Saturday was the first day of spring but we received 6 inches of snow. Snow does make things look so pretty.


Here is a sewing project that I completed on Saturday. Yeah! It is a nap mat that measures 48 by 24 1/2 inches. Well, I'm off to sew some more items....


Upon finishing Mitten Strings For God by Katrina Kenison, I was reminded of the choices I have made in my life. I chose to leave the corporate world to better serve my family. It was a very hard choice to make but I have been blessed ever since. The generation that I grew up in made no room for motherhood. I was conditioned for the corporate world from a very young age. I had no clue of what motherhood looked like because I had no role models. I am so glad that God got a hold of me and change my life. I have been on a grand adventure ever since....

The following paragraphs are from the book Mitten Strings For God.

We have all been influenced, to some extent, by the pressures of our times: pressure to hire child care and return to work outside the home, pressure to foster ever earlier independence and competence on our children, pressure to own more things, engage in more activities, produce more, and buy more.

In the last 20 years, technology has altered the very rhythm of daily life in…

One Busy Week

Nathan and Shane went skating last Friday. Our home school group went roller skating every Friday for the last 6 weeks. They sure had fun while it lasted.

I made a banana-date shake yesterday. Boy, it was delicious!

This week has been a very busy one for us. Carissa, Nathan, and Shane started co-op classes this past Tuesday. We are at co-op for 3 hours on Tuesday. Carissa's classes are sewing/crocheting, baking, and geography. Nathan's classes are art, hands on science, and karate. He really likes his karate class. Shane's classes are history, art, science, and music. I am trying to get some sewing projects done this week. I hardly have any time to do any sewing these days but I need to get some projects completed. I need to start scrap booking again. I am behind with some of my albums. Brian has been painting away this week. I think he is almost done with the basement. He still needs to acid wash the concrete floor, make some shelves, and order some more ceiling tiles.

Making Dinner

This is how the pork loin looked.

I baked almost 4 pounds of pork loin on Saturday. I made a sweet and spicy rub out of cumin, ground cinnamon, salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground chili pepper, olive oil, and honey. I actually made the rub on Thursday and applied it to the pork loin. While I was out shopping on Saturday, I called Brian to have him put the pork loin in the oven. We had rosemary potatoes and mixed vegetables with the pork loin. This was a very good dinner. We have enough left over pork loin to make sandwiches and another dinner. On Sunday, I made a deep dish chicken pot pie. This turned out very good! I put broccoli, red bell peppers, cauliflower, peas, carrots, mushrooms, and asparagus in the chicken pot pie I made. Brian likes a lot of vegetables in his pot pies. Carissa said, "this pot pie tastes like the one from Claim Jumper".