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The Boys

Jarrett plays dress up.
Jarrett playing with a puzzle.

Jarrett has a chestnut shell on his nose.
Nathan & Jarrett play Star Wars fighters.

Shane gets in on the fighting too.

Homeschool Curriculum

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, called and asked what we use for grammar. I thought I should post a few things about this, since I have many friends who homeschool that view this blog. I love to read the 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy. You can also view her website here. I find her to be a great resource. You may find this book at your local library, like I have. This book will also help you to determine what is your child's learning style.

Valentine's Day

I sewed fabric on card stock, to make some Valentine cards. Carissa helped me hand sew the letters on the cards. It was a fun project.
Instead of buying gifts for my family I decided to cook for them on Valentine's day. So, on with the day of cooking.... for breakfast I made an apple pancake puff.

I made snicker doodle cookies for Brian. This cookie is one of his favorites.

I made a southwestern seasoned chicken on pita bread for dinner.

I used hummus, grilled chicken, black beans, red bell pepper, red onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. We garnished them with cilantro and sour cream. My family ate them up. They were very tasty.

I made rice pudding for dessert. I made the pudding with brown rice instead of white rice. This turned out very good too. I was beat....with a day of cooking. You can spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing meals for your family.


I have to share the following from the book Queen of the Castle. I just love this book. I bought it used for $6 on Amazon. Check it out here

Being a homemaker in our culture is not a valued position. Though the job involves incredible amounts of physical, mental, and emotional energy, it can still be trivialized by those who've never done it. When our work isn't valued by others, it is only with great effort that we value it ourselves.

Our families pay the price when we over commit ourselves. As homemakers, we need to be careful we don't give away so much of ourselves to the outside community that we have nothing left for those at home. "The godly professional seeks God first, then cares of her family, and then serves the community. Each is an outflow of the other. But many well-meaning women fall into the trap of serving the community first, then fitting in their family's needs, and finally having a few minutes left over to spend with God. They are always fighting…

Hello February

Well, Jarrett and Carissa got the Chicken Pox on January 30th. Nathan woke up with them on January 22nd. Carissa would not take a picture to show you her pox. I will tell you that she got it the worst. I think there are probably 75 pox on her face. Nathan seemed to have a mild case but he is the also the child that rarely gets sick.

Before Carissa got the chicken pox she made Jarrett this apron. She did a very good job with some scraps from my sewing stash. Look, she even hand embroidered "little chef" on the pockets.