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What has been going on

I decided to pickle some cucumbers from our garden. So, I made homemade bread & butter pickles. They turned our pretty good.

Here are Shane's woolly worms. Shane loves these cute fuzzy worms. He is only allowed to play with them for the day and has to release them outside when he comes in for the day. One time he kept them in the house overnight in a box. When he woke up the next day, he could not find one of them.

Some more green beans from our garden.
What a day! I am beat!

Here are some apples I purchased when we went on a field trip to an Alpaca/apple farm on September 9th. I paid $5 for a 10 pound bag of apples.
Here is what I made with all the apples...I made homemade apple chips. The kids really enjoyed eating them.

Here is the ground hog that lives in our barn.

Here is Nathan doing the 3 legged race with a friend at our community Labor Day celebration.


Here are some pictures of our town's fire engine. They retired it from service last year. I don't think y…


Autumn is knocking on our door and would like to come in for a visit.
We found FALL lying on the grass this week. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Brian's homemade bread. It is delicious! You have to try it with butter or honey. Nothing beats fresh bread.

I made my last fresh peach pie on Friday. Oh, I can not wait until next year.

The ducks are taking to flight. Someday they may fly away.

Carissa and Nathan planted sunflowers seeds in late spring. This is the only stalk that came up.

Bumble bee on the sunflower.

Does anyone know what this insect is? It is really creepy..

Some black eye Susan's.

Some hemlock

Some corn

This is pokeberry or pokeweed. It is poisonous to humans and animals. Brian disposed the bushes around our property.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day.

Sewing Project

Here are some items that I made for a friend. She had a baby boy on July 9th.

Here is the diaper bag I made. It has a closure snap and an inside pocket.

Next, I made a nursing cover-up. It has a peek-a-boo window at the top, so Mom can view baby. I used boning to create the window.

Carissa's Birthday English Tea Party

Carissa's lovely guests. I read poetry to them while they ate. I talked about how to make the perfect pot of tea. I educated them on loose tea, tea bags, and tea strainers. They even got to sample some loose tea from China, that my aunt brought back for me when she visited China. After the main course they filed into the kitchen to decorate their individual cakes. That was a sight to see, with their aprons on, and their attempts to frost a cake. What fun!! Then played dress up with costumes, did a skit, and danced around the living room. At the end, they decided to top the day off with watching the movie "Felicity".

I bought some appliques and canvas bags at a local store. I thought about using them as goody bags but they were just a little too plain. My creative juices began to follow...I said to myself, I can sew in a lining, pocket, and embellishments. I think they came out nicely.