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Planning and Research

I have been trying to plan this years home school schedule, besides making pies, reading, cleaning house, running a business, and other things. As you may know it is not easy. I have put many hours into research, to enhance what we are doing. This year we going to try a unit study approach to teaching history, with literature books. We will still be using the Charlotte Mason and Classical approach to home schooling. Also, we have enrolled Carissa and Nathan in a local co-op group. They will have classes one afternoon a week in Hands on Science, Spanish, Cooking, and Choir. They might take an Orchestra class one hour a week too. It looks like we are going to be pretty busy this year. The older your children get...more is required from them. I found some good websites to check out, they are (they have poetry online too) &

Baking A Pie

I made a fresh homemade peach pie for the 1st time today. Yes, I made the pie crust. I can not believe that I waited this long, out of fear. I was so afraid of making homemade pie crusts. I will never go back to store bought. It was soooo easy to make. You should try it some time.

"Wow", said Brian. The whole family enjoyed the pie I made, in fact they fought over the last piece. I told them that the last piece was for Dad and that I would make them a custard pie later on this week. I think I will try to make a zucchini pie, since we have so much zucchini from our garden.

On a side note: Here is our first corn from our garden. Brian picked it the other day. It was so juicy and tender.
Happy baking & farming!!

Good News

This past weekend Carissa had her 7 week check up in Chicago. Brian drove her to the appointment while I stayed home with the boys.

Well, her lower spinal curve actually decreased down to 23 degrees from 34 degrees. You should see the vertebrae that were once curved are now perfect. The upper spinal curve decreased about a half of a degree. It is at 48 1/2 degrees. Carissa actually grew a half an inch since her last appointment too. The doctor is very pleased. He said it is very good to see that her spine is not getting worse since she is still growing. The doctor gave her some exercises to do to help with strengthening her muscles on one side of her back.

Carissa is a 4 feet 10 inch 10 year old who wears a size 7 in shoes...she has past her mom in shoe size. Carissa would probably be at or over 5 feet tall if she did not have the curves in her spine. I wonder how tall she will be? I remember at her age, I was 4 feet 9 and wearing a size 4 in shoes.

We continually pray for her and know …

From Garden to Plate

This is a tree it did not end up on our plate. He came out to visit us one night, so I had to take a picture of it.

Some squash from our garden.

Brian made this pasta dish with the squash from our garden, it was delicious.

This is part of our garden.

We have some corn growing in the garden.

Here are some squash plants growing in the garden.

A Day at the River

Here is Brian with the kids coming down the river on a raft. Can you see them? Beautiful scenery!! We went to the river on Saturday. Our friends who own some land right on the river invited us down to their little getaway. It was such a beautiful day and at 75 degrees too. This river is about an hour and a half from our home. We can't wait to go back.

Jarrett had so much fun. Well, come think about it... they all had fun.

Friends enjoying the water.

Jarrett caught a fish.

Having fun in the river.

Jarrett loves to chase and pet Oliver (our friend's dog). We need to get a dog for our kids.
Beautiful sunset from our back yard.

A Child is Growing

Carissa is growing up.


Carissa and I went strawberry picking this morning. We picked 16 pounds in an hour. I paid $40 for all the strawberries. Brian wants to make strawberry preserves. I plan to freeze most of them. The strawberry farm has 15,000 organic strawberry plants that are grown in a combination of pearlite and vermiculite soil. The unique hydroponic stands allow you to pick your own with no bending and no kneeling. They are truly delicious. Yummy!!


Wow! Look at this bug that was on our car. You should have seen the fireworks Brian bought for 4th of July. It was like Disneyland fireworks in our backyard. Nathan had a very good birthday. We went to a local attraction that offers indoor fun. They have a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a gigantic maze, a roller coaster, and arcade games. I think it is like Chuck E Cheese but better. This weekend Nathan & Shane are off to play laser tag. I will go to Trader Joe's and PF Changs. How about a little Chinese food?? I think on July 18th Brian will be taking Carissa and Nathan to explore a bat cave.

Take care,Tina


Carissa and I went berry picking on Wednesday. We picked 6 pounds of blueberries and 6 pounds of blackberries. We were there for 2 hours. So we paid $29 for 12 pounds of berries. I plan to freeze them. Next week we will pick strawberries.
Have fun in the sun.

Brian has some organic wheat berries in the Vita Mix; he plans to make some flour.

Here is the nutritious flour to make homemade bread.

Here is a walnut from one of our trees.

This is how it looks when you open it up.

We don't know why one of our hens is laying these miniature eggs. It is only 2 inches long.
Have a safe and fun 4th of July!!