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Last Saturday we went to a local Renaissance Festival. It was so hot at 100 degrees but we had a lot of fun. Sweat was dripping down my back the whole time, good way to loose weight...ha ha. We arrived at 4pm and stayed until 6pm. There was so much to see and do. There was a large game area for the kids to play games and win tokens. They purchased prizes with the tokens. They sure enjoyed themselves. The jousting was entertaining too. There was definitely a lot of things for the children to do. The costumes were very detailed. We can't wait to go back next year.

Oh!! I found a cousin that lives 2 hours away. We found each other on Facebook last week and plan to meet on July 9th. She has been living here with her family for 11 years. They did live in San Diego the last time I saw them. Now I can say I have family here.

Love ya,

Picking Berries & Our Garden Picking

Carissa picking blueberries.
Nathan picking blueberries

Shane picking blueberries.
We picked 3 1/4 pounds and payed $8.35. Can you believe it, Shane picked the most. He is an excellent berry picker. We will be going back to pick some raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries soon. I think I will freeze them so I can have pesticide free berries all year long. Did I tell you we have a mulberry tree and the berries taste so good.

I made some almond butter in the Vita Mix the other day.

This is heirloom lettuce that is a type of romaine lettuce. It comes from seed that has not been genetically modified. You can see the specks on the leaves. We have 4 varieties growing in our garden. We just planted strawberries. We are growing lettuce, broccoli, green beans, corn, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash in our garden.

Happy eating.

Movies ~ A Book

Hi, everyone. Brian and I watched the final episode of Cranford last night. It is a good movie to watch. It is about life in a small town. This movie is set in the 1840's. Here is the trailer for you to view:

We are also watching Bleak House, which is based on the book by Charles Dickens. If you like mysteries and suspense than you will like this movie too.

I am almost done with reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I definitely like her style of writing. If you like Jane Austen than you will also like Elizabeth Gaskell books too. This is a book you can let your teenager read.

Happy Reading!!

June Rain

Baby lettuce from the our garden.
We've been getting a lot of rain this month. You can see part of our front yard and driveway flooding. I think we have received about 8 inches of rain in 2 days. We've had lighting and thunder for the past 2 days too. The kids could not go out to play for half the day, so I took some pictures of them to share with you.

Jarrett is ready for the rain. The rain boots were Brian's when he was a kid.

Tornado Coming

Well, last night at about 7pm, the sirens went on. The sirens sounded like something from WWII. A tornado was sighted 20 miles away and was headed our way. Our neighbors came over to take shelter in our cellar.

We are all okay but what a 1st time experience that was. We all left the cellar at 9pm since we found out all was fine.

We do get some violent storms here but I love watching the lighting light up the sky. It actually is amazing to watch.


We crossed the Mississippi River.

Does this look familiar?? There was bumper to bumper traffic in downtown Chicago on Saturday.

The Sears Tower

Chicago has so many old beautiful churches to see.

Here is Carissa is her brace. She will need to wear it 20 hours a day. We found out so much information from the doctor; we were there for over 3 hours. First, the curve is much worse than we thought; she has a 49 degree curve. Second, she needs to wear shoe inserts to make her hips even. Third, she is at a risser 0, which means she still has some growing to do. When a child reaches risser 5, it means that they have stopped growing. You can only find this out through x-rays. The doctor said, that scoliosis is genetic. We will be going back to Chicago at the end of July for a follow up visit. You won't believe it but the patient ahead of us was from were we live. Their daughter is 14 years old and has been wearing the brace for a year. Her curve went from 39 to 21 degrees in a year. They a…

Updates & Movies to Watch

Here are some pictures of the boys bathroom. Remember, Brian took out the vanity and counter. Well, here are some decorations that I added. I still need a few more items for the shelf but I will take my time in searching for what I want to add to this bathroom.

Have you seen Faith Like Potatoes? Brian & I watched it this past weekend and it is a very good movie. Every Christian should see it. You have to watch the documentary after the movie too. This movie is based on a true story.
The Inheritance in another movie you should watch. It is based on the book by Louisa May Alcott. Yes, this is the same women that wrote Little Women. Don't you just love movies the whole family can watch? Sorry there is no link to this movie.
Here is another DVD that is worth watching especially if you home school. The name is The Children of Caesar; it gives you some sound info about homeschooling.
Here is a fascinati…