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Katy Trail

We walked and biked on the Katy Trail yesterday. This was Jarrett's Christmas gift from us. Jarrett enjoyed going for a ride in the wagon, he got muddy from going into the bunker on the trail, and he played in the sand. His favorite part of the day was eating homemade ice cream at the Rocheport General Store. Rocheport is a cute town of 228 people that is about 30 minutes from us. It was first built in 1825, so you can imagine all the old buildings there. We all had a good time and we plan to do the trail again in October when the leaves change colors. Check out these websites: and

This is what we saw when we looked up while walking on the trail. These are bluffs.

This is an old bunker that the railroad used for storing explosives.

Here is Shane walking behind Nathan and Carissa.

This is what you see on the other side of the trail. So, one side there are bluffs and the other side there is the river. Yes, it is the Missouri Riv…

A Boy and A Toad & Little Chef

Hi, I thought you would like to see some pictures of Shane & Jarrett.

Shane loves playing with toads. He even brings them in the house to play with them. He smuggles them in by putting them in his pocket, shirt, or his sock. There is so much wild life here. You should see the amount of road kill on the roads. It is pretty sad to see. The other day I saw a armadillo for the first time here. We have seen turtles, wild turkeys, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, chickens, cows, snakes, toads, ducks, coyotes, hawks, vultures, mice, 0possums, cottontail rabbits, ground hog, bluebirds, robins, cardinals, oriels, martens,blue jays, wrens, owls, and deer that roam our property.

Little Chef

"Come over and visit sometime and I will cook you up a country meal."


I thought I would share Carissa's x-rays with you. These are some serious pictures. She has an appointment on June 6th, with the specialist to get fitted for a brace. We are not wasting anytime for her to get treatment. One good thing about our insurance is that we don't need to get an authorization for anything but it does cost less if we see a preferred provider.

Thank you for your prayers.

This Past Week

Well, this past week has been very busy for our family. Carissa had 2 chiropractor appointments this week. On Monday, Brian noticed something was wrong with her back. I did the Scoliosis self exam on her and knew what was wrong with her. How could this be?? I checked 2 weeks ago and a Chiropractor check her a year ago and her back was fine.

On Tuesday this week she had x-rays done and we were told she has 3 curvatures in her back, the largest one in in the middle by her shoulder blade, and is at 39 degrees. Her spine looks like an S. A 39 degree curve is pretty significant. Most doctors suggest surgery when the curve gets to 50 degrees or more. Also, her pelvic bone is twisting in from the curving, which will mean she will not be able to have any vaginal births when she is older if we don't get this corrected. The chiropractor told us on Thursday that she needs to see a specialist to stop the curve from getting worse.

We will be taking her to a very good specialist in Kansas City. I…

Shane & Books

Shane made this creation with an organge peel.

Here are some biographies of some Christians that we can learn from. I encourage you to read some to your children. You should read about stories of missionaries to your children. These stories are amazing.

Here is one the books that I bought used from I buy most of my used books from them.

Here is a book series that Carissa & Nathan love. These books are from The Spirit Flyer Series; they go into detail about spiritual warfare and end times. They are very well written and so realistic. Brian is currently reading the last book to them. You can tell a good book by the fact the children don't want you to stop reading. The other day I started teaching the children French. I wanted to start with Spanish but Brian wants them to learn both at the same time. I don't know if we should do that. We started teaching them Latin about 2 years ago and they really caught on well with it. You should hear Shane & Jarrett speak Fr…

What Is Going On?

This is the wagon that Shane purchased with his birthday money. He says, "thank you", to everyone who gave him money for his birthday. All the children are enjoying the wagon. Shane loves to share.

Last Wednesday, I purchased this bunny for the children to play with. They love this bunny and they take good care of it. Carissa is in charge of feeding and cleaning the cage every morning. When they are done with their school work and chores, they go out to play with the bunny. The bunny is about 8 weeks old. Is the bunny cute?

Here are some flowers I need to plant. When will I have time..perhaps today.

This plant is called chicks and hens.

Spring time is sure beautiful here.

Here are some pictures of our basement. The men have finished the drywall; now Brian has to paint the walls. It is coming together nicely.

A Movie To Watch

I want to tell everyone of a very good movie to watch. If you like Jane Austen than I beleive you will like Elizabeth Gaskell. I am currently reading the book North and South right now. I completely enjoyed the DVD of the same name. Now don't mistake this movie with the other North and South. The North and South movie I am talking about is based on a book written in 1854. The movie was made in 2005. So far the movie is following the book. Now that is rare. You have to see this movie.

This is the proposal scene:

Tonight I will be watching another movie based on another Elizabeth Gaskell's book, it is called Wives and Daughters. I will let you know what I think about this one too.