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Snake~ Kite ~ Snow

We found this snake last week when it was warm out. Actually, Nathan almost stepped on it. It is a garter snake and it is harmless.

This snow fall just happened this past Saturday night. Imagine that, getting snow in spring. It's good thing Brian did not plant any crops yet. It's been cold all week.

Nathan flying his kite. He loves to do this. Now he does not have go to the park, he just has to walk out to the back yard to fly one. Come on over and join him sometime.

Shane Goes To ER

Sorry, I did not think to take any before shots with my camera. I will tell you though, it was not a pretty site. Shane came running into the house around 5pm on Thursday night and said, the rooster scratched me. I did not think it was too serious until Brian started to clean out the wound. It was no scratch! It would not stop bleeding, so I felt he should go to urgent care or ER. I called urgent care and they said they would not see him because he is 4 years old and might require stitches.

Shane did so well in ER. The doctor could not believe it, that he would not squirm when he touched his wound. He did keep on asking, if they were going to hurt him. I said, "No they are here to help you".

All said and done. The doctor would not give him stitches because the wound was to close to the eye. The doctor decided to glue the wound shut instead. He said, that Shane could not go outside for a week and he would have to wear sunscreen for a year.

By the way, it was not our rooster that…

Homemade Gifts

I made some homemade gifts for my friend Ruth who will be having a baby girl next month. I made her some bibs, a burping cloth, 2 blankets, and a baby bag. I hope she likes everything. I did not know what colors to pick.

This is a small blanket that the baby can cuddle with or chew on. It is so soft and silky.

A Man And His Toy

Today Brian picked up his new toy...I mean lawn mower. A friend of ours took him into town and loaded the thing in his trailer.

He is like a child with a new toy. The thing is pretty can turn corners very sharp. It is called a zero degree turn lawn mower.

Next on Brian's list is to have a hitch installed on the Honda Pilot. I think he will be getting the hitch this week or next week. Boys and their toys!

Projects Around The House

With the help of two friends, Brian was able to frame the basement walls. He is building me a sewing/craft room. Yippee!! This room will also function as a guest room when needed. I can't wait to decorate it.

This is the other project that Brian started this week too. He took the old vanity out of the boys bathroom. The old vanity must have been 50+ years old. It was so old that when you opened a drawer it stunk something awful. So I ordered what I wanted and it was delivered last Monday. The red you see was where the old vanity was. I asked Brian if he could paint the red wall white and use crackle paint too. So he did what I wanted and look how it came out. Looks good to me.

Yesterday, Brian started some leaves on fire in the yard to get rid of them. We are trying to get ready for spring. Also, Brian just bought his first sit down mower and he will pick it up sometime this week. I will make sure to post a picture once it arrives.

Brian bought this radio so we can listen to the w…

Butterfly House

Some Owl Butterflies eating bananas.
Can you see the butterflies eating the hanging banana?

Another Owl Butterfly.

The Paper Kite

Common Blue Morpho


Two Thoas Swallowtail butterflies.

The Scarlet Mormon taking flight.

Common Blue Morpho

The miracle of metamorphosis of butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.

On March 7th, I took the children to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri. This was Shane's Christmas Trip. They have nearly 2,000 butterflies in free flight. As many of 80 species and 150 tropical plant species are on exhibit in a three-story glass conservatory. It must have been 100% humidity in the Butterfly House the day we visited. Ugh!! It was very educational. Did you know that butterflies only live about 6-8 weeks? At the end of the tour, I let Shane pick out some souvenirs at the gift shop. Then we ran over to the park for a carousel ride. That was fun!! The carousel was from the 1920's. You got to love vintage stuff. Sorry there are no pictures to …

A Homemade Day

I just felt like making bread, ice cream, and a smoothie all at the same time today. I made a gluten/wheat free bread. This bread tastes soooo good with honey. I had homemade ice cream with peaches (thawed) and graham crackers. Brian and the kids are in heaven. He says I should work for Ben & Jerry's. The smoothie I made has vanilla yogurt, almond milk, peaches, and blackberries (thawed) in it. I did not add any sweetener to it.