Mock Trial

This past week Shane participated in a mock trial. It was part of his debate strand for school. He and his classmates have been working on it since January. It was intense work, to learn about the case and memorize roles. Shane was the medical examiner. His team went up against another 8th grade class. His team lost both rounds but it wasn't about winning. A real judge presided over the case in a real court room. The students did an amazing job and what an experience. This is a nice cap stone to a year full of growth for Shane.

Shane Graduates

Shane graduated from 8th grade. I am so happy that he finished the year strong. He's an amazing young man, full of love and kindness. We are so proud of him and love him dearly.

His tutor/teacher had him display his Latin notes at graduation because he takes excellent notes in class.

Now, onward to high school.

 A display of Shane class.

 Shane's Latin Notes

Are You Serious?

Yesterday we had a home inspection done. I arrived home and the buyer's realtor and the inspector were still at my home. I got to talking to the realtor about the couple that are buying our home.

This is what she told me. They currently live outside of Colorado Springs. They have 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl). They lived in California, where they met and married.

Everyone is shocked about the similarities our two families have. I just smile knowing God orchestrates things. I have said that I don't believe in coincidences.

A Faith Shirt

I found this long shirt hanging in my closet on Saturday, with the tags still on it. I bought it February 2017 to wear as pj's in the summer. I was shocked to find this shirt at ROSS.

FAITH is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see.
FAITHdoes not make things easy, it makes them possible.
FAITHcan move mountains.
FAITHsees the way.
FAITHis bigger than fear.
FAITHis all about believing, you don't know how it will happen, but you know it will.

A Dream and Its Meaning

Have you ever had a dream that was so real or spiritual? Have you ever had a dream that you were above your bed watching you and your husband sleep? Have you had a dream with angels or demons in it? I ask because my husband says he does not dream like this. Most of my dreams are so realistic, that it seems to play like a movie. Sometimes I know the meaning of them.
This week, God reminded me of a dream I had in October 2016. Here is what was said:   Me: Yes, I remember that dream.  God: The dream was a warning, that you are going to face one of the biggest battles of your life.   Me: I had an ah ha moment and I immediately started to connect the dots.  God: I want you to write down all the promises of God.  Me: Yes, I will.
These past seventeen months, I have faced so many battles spiritually, physically, and mentally. The past nine months, I was like in a stupor. I would pray and read my bible but it felt like I was a million miles away. I was stunned and wounded by the devil and his atta…

We are Moving

We sold our home yesterday, after 3 days of counter offers. 
Let me tell you a story about it. Well last Monday, I finally made a decision that we will be moving June 30th to Colorado even if the house was not sold. Once I made the decision to move, I felt this burden lift off of me. I just knew I was not in limbo anymore. So last Thursday, while I was talking to God, I told him that our house has to sell NOW (like today), since we are moving. The next day I get a text from my realtor about a showing request for Monday. The buyers came and loved our house and put an offer on it the next day. We are now moving mid June. Something else that is amazing, the buyers are moving from Colorado. I guess we could have swapped homes. 
I praise God! I thank him for taking care of my needs and always coming through when I desperately need it. God gets all the glory. 
BTW, they are giving us $3,000 below our original selling price. God is good!!!  Some of you may be asking what right or…

Easter Snow

It was 26 degrees when I took these pictures. It did not feel like Easter with it being so cold and having to bundle up.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter.💖👯