We are Moving

We sold our home yesterday, after 3 days of counter offers. 
Let me tell you a story about it. Well last Monday, I finally made a decision that we will be moving June 30th to Colorado even if the house was not sold. Once I made the decision to move, I felt this burden lift off of me. I just knew I was not in limbo anymore. So last Thursday, while I was talking to God, I told him that our house has to sell NOW (like today), since we are moving. The next day I get a text from my realtor about a showing request for Monday. The buyers came and loved our house and put an offer on it the next day. We are now moving mid June. Something else that is amazing, the buyers are moving from Colorado. I guess we could have swapped homes. 
I praise God! I thank him for taking care of my needs and always coming through when I desperately need it. God gets all the glory. 
BTW, they are giving us $3,000 below our original selling price. God is good!!!  Some of you may be asking what right or…

Easter Snow

It was 26 degrees when I took these pictures. It did not feel like Easter with it being so cold and having to bundle up.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter.💖👯

Shane Performs in Front of Judges

Today Shane went in front of two judges for Federation Festival. He played two difficult pieces above his level on the piano. His teacher says that he is very musically talented and has so much potential. I tell Shane that he needs to practice more because he has a tendency to not practice. I need to get him to stick to a practice schedule. 👏👏👏

Civil War Presentation

Jarrett performed a Civil War presentation today. The whole school and parents were invited to the presentation. He was dressed in clothing from that era, which was loaned to him from the historical society. He wore blue wool pants that were pretty thick. So with him wearing blue indicates he was a Union soldier.

Curly Girl Routine

In October 2017, I started a new curly girl routine for my hair. I stopped using products with silicone, parabens, and sulfites. I also started to use a micro fiber towel.
I've been wearing my hair curly for most of my life, since I am a natural curly girl. I've worn my hair straight but I genuinely don't like it. I took a picture today, so you can see my curls. I did go in with a curling iron today to curl some looser strands of hair.
The first photo shows my regular curls without any curling iron curls. I will tell you Brian loves the curls.
If you have curly hair, you have to try the curly girl method. I heard that Deva Curl products are the holy grail for curly hair. I have not tried the product line out yet.

Geography Bee Winner

Wow! Jarrett was one of the geography bee winners at his school. In two weeks he will be competing at the local CCAA Geography Bee. He said all the years in Classical Conversations helped him win. We are so proud of his success. Jarrett was almost one of the spelling bee winners too.

It seems he is rocking this year at public school. I am still undecided about him going to public school or private school for 6th grade. I will continue to pray about it. In the meantime, I will complete the private school application, just to make sure to hold a spot for him.

One cute thing, his peers cheered when he walked into class after missing days of school due to sickness. He seems to have a healthy social  life at school. 

Carissa's Latin Books

I went through some homeschool books and found my daughter's Latin books she used in 8th & 9th grades. I guess you can say she studied Latin seriously with organization. She was such an excellent student. She would have done very well in college. I plan to donate the books.