Carissa's Latin Books

I went through some homeschool books and found my daughter's Latin books she used in 8th & 9th grades. I guess you can say she studied Latin seriously with organization. She was such an excellent student. She would have done very well in college. I plan to donate the books.

Jarrett Receives an Award

Jarrett received the Citizen of the Month award  yesterday evening. His teacher nominated him. These are the reasons why he was nominated:

Jarrett has proven to be a very hard worker and a fast learner. This is his first year at the school and he has been eager to learn new things, made a lot of improvements in writing and is a good friend to all. He's a wonderful addition to the class of 2025! Keep up the good work.

We are delighted and proud that he is doing well in his first year at public school. I never have to tell him to do his homework. He is a self manager. I try to proof read his homework, when he brings it home, and give him some help when he needs it. He is reading his 18th book, which the class goal is 16 per student for the year. His teacher did tell me that she cannot wait to see his progress at the end of the year. He is doing very well in all his subjects.❤️


It was bitter cold at -7 outside on Monday because of the wind shield factor. I could only stay out there a few minutes to take pictures. Jarrett spent about 45 minutes outside making snow angels, piles of snow, and sledding. The joys of winter for a child.

Christmas Vacation

We traveled to Colorado for Christmas and spent 9 days there. Shane and Jarrett sure had a great time playing games, making a gingerbread house, bowling, hiking, going to the movies, and going to the park with their friends. The weather was beautiful, with just a few cold days. The boys sure love Colorado and can't wait to go back.

What A Week!

We arrived home from vacation on January 1st at 10:30pm to -1 degrees outside. Inside the house it was 50 degrees because I left the thermostat on that setting. We got the fire in the fireplace going. I did have to use natural gas to get the house warm and cozy.

I had to do major grocery shopping on Tuesday, since there was nothing in the house to eat. Went to Sam's Club, Aldi's, and Gerbes. We did not get home until 6pm. Now the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry is stocked.

Took cupcakes to school on Wednesday for Jarrett's birthday. An hour before I left for school, a pipe burst and flooded the garage in 4-5 inches of standing water. The drain pipe in the garage froze, so the water would not drain. It was about 10 degrees outside. What a mess! We had to open the garage doors to sweep out the water. The water on the driveway froze in minutes, then we put salt down to melt the ice. We had to throw many items away. The items that were not ruined, we put on tables…

The Hiding Place

I enjoyed reading this book to the boys. We also listened to the radio drama from Focus on the Family. Many parts of the book made me cry. The unwavering faith the Ten Boom family had. I wonder how many of us would have done what this family did for the Jews. They lost so much, but never lost hope. So many people died, just because of Hitler's racist/ethnic views. 96,000 women who were not Jewish died in Corrie Ten Boom's concentration camp. This travesty could happen to anyone of us. In this book you will read both the love and lack of love for humanity. Love covers a multitude of SIN.

Decorating for Christmas

The boys decorated the Christmas tree this year. I came downstairs and they surprised me with the tree skirt and all.  I think they did a pretty good job.

 Elfie has been apart of the Christmas decorations for the past 20 years. He is looking good for an old guy. (hee hee)

 I only put out a quarter of my decorations this year. Here is some of my snowman collection.

This reminded me of my daughter when I saw it because I have actually told her this. Carissa, love is more than just words.