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St. Louis

We went to St. Louis a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures of our visit. We went to the zoo, City museum, the Gateway Arch, and the Hill. The Hill is an Italian neighborhood. There were so many Italian restaurants. I fell in love with the Hill.

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A Water Gun Fight

Brian was out visiting us and doing some maintenance around the house. He took some time to have fun with Shane and Jarrett. It makes me smile that he takes time to play with his boys.

The Happenings of This Week

Here is Shane preparing to dissect an eye of a cow.

 I painted this ottoman gray. It was originally dark brown almost black. I used chalk paint by Amy Howard. It turned out fine.

I also painted this birdhouse too with chalk paint. 

Shane painted his letter box with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I think that it turned out nice.

Shane made some more homemade bread. His bread is the best. He grinds wheat berries down to flour and mixes it with organic white flour. He adds honey or maple syrup. I did not teach him but only gave him pointers. He used one of my recipe books. He is thinking maybe he should sell his bread. It makes me smile that he is thinking of starting a business.

Shane Turns 13

Happy Birthday Shane! We have another teenager in the house. He asked for an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I picked one up and he shared the cake with his classmates. We took him out to dinner after class. He received a special pocket knife from his dad. 
It is always bittersweet for me to see my children grow up. I miss the younger years.

The Dryer is Fixed

A couple of weeks ago my dryer stopped working. I went to go use it one day and I heard a pop and smelled something burning. We called an appliance repair person to come out and inspect the problem. We were told that it would cost us $776 to get it fixed, but I was advised to buy a new dryer instead of fixing it. Are you kidding? It is only 8 years old. It would cost around $1,000 to replace my Maytag dryer.

Brian told me to get the part number from the appliance repair guy and he would install the part himself. Well the part ended up costing us $210. It was a piece of cake to install the new part, now I have a dryer that works, and we saved money too. I am so glad I have a handy husband. He saves us so much money in repairs.

Shane Makes Bread

Shane made bread for the first time today. The loaves are delicious. He says he wants to be a chef someday. There is nothing like fresh bread with butter. Brian prefers honey and butter on his fresh bread.

We ate half a loaf while it was fresh.
 He used the Bosch to knead the bread.
 He made three loaves. He used the Vita-Mix to turn the wheat berries into flour. He used a mixture of half white organic flour and half organic wheat flour. He did an excellent job.

How Can I Leave This Place?

It is hard to believe that we are even thinking of leaving.