Snow Time

We woke up to over 6 inches of snow yesterday. Jarrett woke up the whole house looking for his snow gear. School was on a two hour delay, so it started at 10am. Jarrett played in the snow from 7:30-9. He loves snow and says he wants to live in Minnesota because the snow stays on the ground all winter long. 

Ghost Town Museum

I took Carissa to a ghost town museum. The stagecoach was enormous. The back wheels sits 5 feet high off the ground. Old cars from the early 1900's are fascinating.
Afterwards, we ate lunch at a French cafe. We had some excellent french onion soup with some fresh bread. I bought a loaf to take home. La Baguette an excellent cafe.

Bear Crossing

We had a black bear visit our home a couple of times within the past couple of weeks. I did not take this picture because I did not want to put myself in danger. I tried to take a picture, but I could not get a decent picture. My friend was driving by and took the picture of the bear on the side of our house. He/she is the neighborhood bear. My friend says our house is in the path of a bear crossing.

Visiting Butterflies

Lovely butterflies visiting our flowers.

A Castle Tour

I took Carissa to Glen Eyrie castle on September 1st for her 20th birthday. We had tea and a tour of the castle. The castle was built in 1903 and is amazing. The details are just astonishing. Mr. Palmer did not skimp on expense.  The castle is owed by a Christian organization. For a reasonable fee you can stay the night and enjoy breakfast the next day.

Some Good News

I have some good news to share. Many of you know that Brian has been living and working in California since January 2017. He moved to California for work, so he could support his family. We have lived apart since March 2017.

Fast forward to the present. He took 3 weeks off and came out in mid June to move us. When he got back to California his boss said, "so you are going to be a certain football fan now?" Brian said, yes. His boss said, " I have a friend that has his own company in telecommunications and I will give him a call." So his boss did just that. Brian talked to the company and made plans to meet with them when he was going to be back in town. Brian came back to in mid July and interviewed with that company. He didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks and then he got a call in the beginning of August for a drug test and back ground check. A few weeks ago he received a job offer from them. It is a pretty good offer, with making more money …

Finding a House

God delivered this house to us. It was all his doing because I was exhausted from searching on my own. I started looking for a house to rent the end of April. In one month time, I applied for 4 houses, which always had another applicant before me. The last house, I even offered to pay 12 months of rent up front but the landlord would not go for it. I was like what is the problem, my credit score is in the high 700's? It was because I did not have a job yet, it did not make sense. I had been praying this whole time about this, but then I totally gave it to God 100 percent. At that point I just knew God would take care of me and my two boys. I had the stress of packing and did want to continue trying to find a house to rent. I did not want to be homeless, but I had to trust God.

Our friends, the Nieves family offered there home to us. The agreement was for a month. I thank God for their hospitality and love.

Two days before we moved out of our Missouri home, my friend …